Recoil airguns

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Recoil airguns

Postby HJM » Tue 21. Mar 2017 11:45:17

Found my place ;-) sorry but I tried to find "recoil".
Hope to meet the pure-airgun enthousiasts in here.
In Holland we can see more and more recoil shooters in the matches.
Walter LGU/LGV

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Re: Recoil airguns

Postby Kubajzz » Wed 22. Mar 2017 14:39:21

I love my HW97k! ;)
Jakub Vicher, CAFTA

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Re: Recoil airguns

Postby stoney33 » Thu 29. Jun 2017 8:12:15

PLeased to be here! :D
Dutch greetings from Rob
With kind regards, Rob

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