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od Kubajzz
pon 03. dub 2017 20:31:12
Fórum: For beginners
Téma: Shooting positions
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Shooting positions

On link below you can find pictures of basic HFT positions for better understanding.
od Kubajzz
pon 03. dub 2017 20:26:35
Fórum: Events
Téma: European HFT Championships 2017
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European HFT Championships 2017

We would like to invite you to European HFT Championships which will be held in Choltice (Czech rep.) on 30 sept and 1 oct 2017. You can find entry form and details on link: Friday 29th September: 13:00 - 18:00 - Zero range 13:00 - 18:00 - Registration Saturday 30th September: ...
od Kubajzz
stř 22. bře 2017 14:39:21
Fórum: Piston - airguns
Téma: Recoil airguns
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Re: Recoil airguns

I love my HW97k! ;)
od Kubajzz
úte 17. led 2017 9:20:10
Fórum: PCP - airguns
Téma: Barrels
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Re: Barrels

I have not Tau Barrel at this moment. However I had TAU200 for testing a couple year ago. Barrel was very accurate but be careful about chamber. Mr. Kachlíř from Tau Brno is very proud on their customized chambers but barrel with this chamber is very sensitive for other kinds of pellets. At the begi...
od Kubajzz
pát 23. pro 2016 12:55:18
Fórum: Events
Téma: BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England
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BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

The BSA International Championships will be held at Maldon (England) on 24th and 25th June 2017. Check details on website. Direct link to entry form: Direct link to entry list:
od Kubajzz
pon 21. lis 2016 13:42:43
Fórum: Rules
Téma: Rule change
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Re: Rule change

It is some rumour only. We never discussed about this rule and I don't expect that.
Course architect can easily force the shooter to the high position if need.
od Kubajzz
úte 08. lis 2016 9:07:26
Fórum: Optics
Téma: Are we talking about Optics for HFT ?
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Re: Are we talking about Optics for HFT ?

I swear on 4,5-14x32 Burris Timberline. ;) Timberline is very compact and robust scope with minimal paralax error due small objective diameter and long eye relief. What I miss is better reticle than ballistic plex. Airguns are changing but I still have the same piece of optics ... :D 2012 http://www...
od Kubajzz
úte 20. zář 2016 22:04:10
Fórum: WHFTO
Téma: What is WHFTO?
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What is WHFTO?

World Hunter Field Target Organization joins people from all countries and unites HFT rules etc.........