What's new in HFT Masters?
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HFT Masters is a new series of Hunter Field Target shoots that will be challenging for the competition shooter and fun for the new or inexperienced HFT shooter.

The series will be held at great locations and will introduce many "Firsts" for the airgunner.
Thanks to our sponsors there will be a GUARANTEED free £500 cash draw at every event and this will be split into three so you will have a great chance of going home with some cash. This is in addition to the normal trophies which, as always, will be given out to the winners and runners up in each of the classes. You will get your awards even if you cannot stay for the draw, guaranteed.
Another first is that we are introducing two "tiers" to our domestic competitions.

Tier one will be for the experienced HFT shooters who want to compete to be an HFT Master.
Tier two is designed to let new or inexperience shooters take part against people of similar ability and, in the true spirit of HFT, prizes will be given out to all winners of the
classes in BOTH tiers.
The rules and the courses will be set so that no matter how tall you are or how young you are, whether you are left or right handed, no shooter will gain an advantage.
You can see the format and rules by going to THE RULES section on the top menu of each page on our website.

Our HFT Masters series is designed so that you can be competitive, have fun, and hopefully do both. We have listened to what the HFT shooters have asked for and incorporated it into our Masters series. We have developed a new breed of HFT shooting where the competitive airgunners will be able to pit their skills against the very best and, at the same time, brand new shooters can take part and still be in with a chance of winning. We actively encourage shooters and their families to look at our courses before, during and after the event.
Whether you want a great family day out or if you want some serious competition shooting, our Masters series is for you.
We would like to thank all our fantastic sponsors who you will see on our site and you can click on their logos to visit their websites.
Our major sponsor is BSA Airguns , look out for some major surprises coming to our Masters series from BSA. All our other sponsors have been incredibly supportive and over the course of our events you will see exactly what we mean by that.

We are founder members of the WHFTO and proud to represent the WHFTO in the UK.

Roger, Ian and Ray