Benelux announcing candidacy for 2019

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Benelux announcing candidacy for 2019

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Dear fellow WHFTO members,

The Netherlands and Belgium join forces in HFT.
We would like to announce our candidacy as Benelux, to host the Euro or World Hunter Field Target Championships in 2019.
As a location, we found a fantastic venue in the village of Grupont, near Rochefort, in Belgium.

We got a team together consisting of members of several Dutch and Belgian airgun clubs.
Project leader is Patrick van Herten. He’s Dutch, but lives in Belgium, and he’s member of the Belgian club Target .177.

As practice runs, we will organize two Benelux Open FT and HFT shoots in 2018.
And we hope to host the Euro Field Target 2020 in the same place.

Follow the link below, and you’ll find some preliminary information about Grupont.
We’re sure you’ll love it. We do!

Leon Peute
Dutch Field Target Association
Leon Peute, DFTA, Netherlands