Dutch Field Target Association is now member

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Dutch Field Target Association is now member

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Hi there,

The Netherlands is now also a member of WHFTO.
Although our name doesn't have H in it, we represent both FT and HFT shooters. When the DFTA was formed 10 years ago, there were no HFT shooters in the Netherlands. That changed quite a bit, at the moment there are way more HFT shooters than FT shooters.

In the WHFTO we represent our HFT members. The FT members are represented in the WFTF and the EFTF.

The DFTA is a growing club. After several years with about 40 members, we have at the moment just over 60 members. Besides the DFTA members also other shooters take part in the matches. Last year about 175 Dutch shooters joined one or more of the matches (and about 25 German and Belgian Shooters).

There are 5 clubs in the Netherlands where you can shoot HFT / FT. Our matches are combined FT / HFT, except for one place, which is HFT-only. In 2017 there are 18 matches for the National Championship. Besides there are several matches that do not comply with the Dutch shooting rules and are not a part of the NC. Those are for instance night shootings. At all matches are guests welcome.

If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail on info@dfta.nl or have a look on our website http://www.dfta.nl. You can find a section there for English speaking shooters.

Hope to meet you in matches all over the world,
Mirjam Stark
Secretary DFTA

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Re: Dutch Field Target Association is now member

Příspěvek od stoney33 » čtv 29. čer 2017 8:16:08

Next Sunday:
"the Jungle" (HFT) in Rotterdam!
With kind regards, Rob